Movie Recommendations: 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival

Dare to be wild film

While the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival has a plethora of events that will delight movie and cinema enthusiasts from all walks of life, it wouldn’t really live up to its name without the films. With a long history of recognising not only Australian filmmaking but as well as foreign filmmaking, there’s always something fresh and diverse on the list of movies to provoke your mind and challenge your way of thinking.


With 52 different films from different genres, locales, directors and influences, the GCFF has something to cater to every filmgoer’s taste. And while there is certainly no shortage of Australian films here (Eddie the Eagle comes to mind), here are three international recommendations from us that you might want to see.


Drama – Dare To Be Wild

dare to be wild 2015 film

Based on the true story of an Irish garden designer, Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell) is determined to win the most prestigious gardening prize she can attain: The Chelsea Flower Show. She later encounters and falls for a botanist (Tom Hughes) who shows her a wider scope in the environment she so patiently tends to. A visually stunning and surprising film, this is one drama that’s sure to keep you on your toes.


Comedy – The Brand New Testament

Comedy - The Brand New Testament
Photo from the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival site.

A satirical yet uplifting comedy from Belgium, this film follows the story of Ea, God’s daughter (who happens to be real and living in a flat in Brussels). After her frustration with the current state of things and a talk with “JC”, she gathers six new disciples and sets off to create a brand new testament. Described as “peppy, original, and (importantly) very sweet” by the Guardian, this is one comedy that will make you walk out of the theatre feeling a little more optimistic about the world around you.


Documentary – Hip Hoperation

Documentary - Hip Hoperation
Photo taken the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival site.

From New Zealand comes a refreshing take on the hip hop dance contests: by following a group of senior citizens. An entertaining, warm and uplifting documentary, it narrates the story of a group of senior citizens that aim to perform in Las Vegas, led by their exuberant manager. The perseverance, effort and heart displayed by people we’d normally consider “past their prime” come together in a moving narration about the power of the human spirit – and fun.

The 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival has a film for everyone’s taste – whether it be from chilling suspense, horror, and thriller stories; to the lighthearted slice of life, romantic story, or plain old comedy. As a celebration of the visual arts that have come to the big screen, people from all walks of life can certainly find something to relate to and enjoy.


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