Gold Coast Film Festival 2016 : Event Primer

catch the film festival at gold coast this 2016

If you like pop culture, the movie industry and all aspects of film and cinema, you’ll certainly want to book a holiday in Gold Coast for the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF). Long held as a celebration of Australian and international films and filmmaking, the GCFF offers a diverse program of events and activities.

Held at Gold Coast due to almost two decades of it being a prime location for Warner Brother Studios film shoots such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, the lush backdrop of rainforests, beaches, hinterland and marine life make it the perfect venue for the celebration of film.

In case that has piqued your curiosity enough to come down to Gold Coast, here’s our suggestions on some of the events you should see at this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival.


The Chauvel Award

Photo of Charles Chauvel namesake of the award

2016 Clauvel Award Winner Claudia Karvan

An award that acknowledges significant contributions to Australian cinema, the Chauvel Award has been reintroduced to the GCFF’s program – fitting, as Gold Coast and its surrounds have provided the inspiration for most of the creations of its namesake, Charles Chauvel.

Born in 1897 followed by a career of 30 years in filmmaking, director Charles Chauvel is considered one of the most influential people to shape Australian cinema. With his wife Elsa, Charles Chauvel was instrumental in creating films in a time period when financial backing was still notoriously difficult to secure. Even during the period of time wherein film craft went through silent films, to sound, then to colour, Chauvel’s contributions only served to highlight his innovation and enthusiasm for Australian cinema.

This year’s recipient is Claudia Karvan, creator, producer, and actress. Known for her work in Love My Way and Two Girls and a Baby, Claudia Karvan’s filmography has been recognised as a significant contribution to Australian television and film. She will be part of an event during the GCFF with film critic and previous Chauvel Award recipient David Stratton (In Conversation wit Claudia, April 9th,) for an in-depth look at her career in film.


Women In Film

Women in Film is the initiative of the GCFF in showing the contribution of female filmmakers to the industry. Addressing the barrier to women’s participation in the film industry, GCFF is helping emerging and established filmmakers to attend the festival by providing free on-site childcare to all participants for two industry panels on April 10th.

gracie otto hosts the gold coast film festival this 2016

There will also be a luncheon held on the 1st of April at QT bazaar with drinks, networking and an audience with multi-talented guest speaker Gracie Otto. With a career that oversaw several award-winning short films, her insights into acting, producing, and directing for films will prove to be invaluable lessons to everyone interested in the film industry.


Monster Zoo

A workshop held for kids ages 6 – 12, the Monster Zoo combines gaming and film production to craft an experience that will awaken the budding filmmaker in your child! Using iOS and Android devices, instructors will walk the students through making, filming and screening their “monsters” for an hour and a half.

Film workshop for kids in Gold Coast

Designed specifically for the Robina Community Centre, kids will explore and go through different levels of the buildings to find and document the endangered monsters. A screening of all the completed films will be held for the participants and their parents at the end of the event.


There are plenty more events that will span the duration of this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival, whether you’re a film buff, an interested passerby or just looking for your next holiday to Gold Coast. The full program can be found here.


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