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There’s always that time of the year when you pack up your things and bring the family and pets with you to go on a family getaway for a few days. Australia has no shortage of things to do and places to see – but deciding where to take the family can easily overwhelm the already burdened mom and dad.

How about New South Wales? Bordering the South Australian inland, Queensland and Victoria, New South Wales is also home to Sydney, the most populous state in Australia. The location of several Australian cultural institutions, successful sports teams and over 500 national parks and forests, New South Wales has a little something for everyone in the family.


Here are three destinations we’ve picked for you and your family to enjoy in New South Wales.


Byron Bay

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, Byron Bay never fails to amaze with numerous activities available for the whole family. Aside from the famous Byron Bay lighthouse, whale watching and snorkelling, Byron Bay is near unique attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in Australia.

Crystal Castle at Byron Bay

It’s home to the Crystal Castle, a beautiful spiritual retreat for quiet walks; Lighthouse Night Vision walk, where you can use night vision goggles to observe nocturnal animals in their element; and eco-cruises and boat rides.



This marine town is perfect for the family that wants to get a bit wet on their vacation. Home to oyster farms, marinas, and five main beaches, Merimbula is the place to go if your family wants to spend more time by the water.

kangaroos in Merimbula Australia

For drying off, there are also other places where your family can go – Potoroo Palace, an educational animal sanctuary, and Magic Mountain, which has the best toboggan slopes in all of New South Wales.


Coffs Harbour

A coastal city located south of Brisbane, Coffs Harbour has some unusual attractions that your children will definitely love. It’s home to one of the many “Big Things” in Australia – The Big Banana amusement park. Other attractions there include an ice-skating rink and an educational experience about bananas.

coffs harbour banana

Other attractions also include Boambee Beach camel riding, the Solitary Islands Marine Park and the nearby Muttonbird Island. For families that want a little thrill, the Coffs City Skydivers can be found here – while certainly a high-altitude activity, their expert handlers make it safe for kids to come up as well.


Those are our three recommendations if you’re planning to take a family holiday in New South Wales. Friendly and catering to a variety of interests for the whole family, these cities will surely delight you and give you a vacation you’ll fondly remember.


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